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LT treatment introduce

Treatment agent: Lecithin Hydrogenated

CAS No.: 92128-87-5

Features: Smooth touch and high skin affinity; Natural non-transgenic plant source, mild and non-irritating, moisturizing and hydrophobic, strong skin adhesion, wet and smooth milk, excellent stabilizing effect in emulsion system.

Application: Suitable for natural concept products. Used in cosmetics such as dual-purpose powder, eye shadow, blush, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder with higher requirements for health and environmental protection.

Application products:

Category Model
Sericite powder (mercerization) HS8310LT  HS8325LT HS9310LT HS9325LT
Sericite powder (matte) HS8306LT
Natural mica powder (pearlescent) HM6025LT  HM6040LT
Natural mica powder (matte) HM6008LT
Synthetic mica powder HC6610LT  HC6625LT  HC6040LT
Ice crystal mica powder HC9625LT  HC9640LT
"Substitute talc" mica powder HS9306LT
Silica powder HSI3150LT  HSI6180LT  HS6150LT
Talcum powder HT05LT  HT10LT
Titanium dioxide HCR50LT
Boron nitride HBN3005LT  HBN3009LT
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