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Come and find out! Key Points of Quality Control of Mica Powder in Mica Insulation Materials

The use of mica as an electrical insulating material is an important direction of mica application. During the use of mica insulating material, it needs to have a large enough area. With the depletion of large mica resources, flake insulating materials prepared from crushed mica through appropriate processing methods have become the mainstream of mica insulation. Mica flake removal, optimal particle size composition control, surface modification, etc. have become important tasks to improve the quality of mica flakes and improve the performance of mica insulation materials.


The surface of mica powder is highly polar, easy to agglomerate and unevenly dispersed

In order to give full play to the characteristics of mica and maintain other properties of the material, the surface of mica powder has high polarity, poor compatibility, easy agglomeration, and uneven dispersion.


[Trend Outlook] The Trend of Domestic Makeup Brands Comes

Against the background of improving epidemic prevention and control situation, stricter industry supervision, continuous introversion of brands, and the release of a number of cosmetics-related laws and regulations, the Chinese cosmetics market is showing a steady and positive development trend. The data shows that driven by factors such as the continuous increase in national disposable income and the enhancement of aesthetic awareness, the consumption of cosmetics continues to rise. It is estimated that the market size will exceed 500 billion yuan this year.