Come and find out! Key Points of Quality Control of Mica Powder in Mica Insulation Materials

Published: 2022/07/28

The use of mica as an electrical insulating material is an important direction of mica application. During the use of mica insulating material, it needs to have a large enough area. With the depletion of large mica resources, flake insulating materials prepared from crushed mica through appropriate processing methods have become the mainstream of mica insulation. Mica flake removal, optimal particle size composition control, surface modification, etc. have become important tasks to improve the quality of mica flakes and improve the performance of mica insulation materials.

The traditional preparation method of mica insulating material is: mica paper is prepared after mica is pulverized, and the mica paper forms a mica board with a certain strength under the action of reinforcing materials such as epoxy resin, silicone resin, glass fiber, polyamide film, etc. Mica tape and other insulating materials.

The new mica-based composite insulating material is different from the traditional mica paper, mica board, and mica tape reinforcement and reinforcement technology. Through a new molding technology, in the process of composite material preparation, the reinforcement material is directly added to improve the material strength. , The purpose of improving the overall performance of insulating materials.


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