The surface of mica powder is highly polar, easy to agglomerate and unevenly dispersed

Published: 2022/01/10

In order to give full play to the characteristics of mica and maintain other properties of the material, the surface of mica powder has high polarity, poor compatibility, easy agglomeration, and uneven dispersion.

At present, organic surface modification and inorganic surface coating modification are the main methods of mica powder surface modification.

1. Organic surface modified mica powder.
Objective: To improve the compatibility between mica powder and polymer base material, and improve its application performance.

Applicable objects: Mica powder is used as a reinforcing filler for polymer materials such as polyolefin, polyamide and polyester.

Silane coupling agent, butadiene, zircoaluminate, silicone (oil) and other surface modifiers.

Modification method: The mica powder used for surface modification is preferably wet-milled mica powder, and the most effective surface modifier is aminosilane. However, when the two surface modifiers are used in combination, the effect is often better, especially to improve the mechanical properties and heat aging resistance of polypropylene composites.
Modification effect: After surface treatment, mica powder can improve the mechanical strength of the material and reduce molding shrinkage.

Influencing factors: the amount of surface modifier is the key to affect the modification effect, and the type of coupling agent also has an impact on the application of mica surface modification treatment.

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